Mobility & Learning In The Digital Age


By: Dr. Tim Springer

We live in one of the most stimulating eras in history. Technology increasingly influences every human endeavor. One might say the integration of technology into our lives has reached, or perhaps passed, a “tipping point.”1 What seemed like science fiction a decade or two in the past, is now commonplace. People routinely use personal, powerful, portable, information portals to access a rapidly expanding universe of information and knowledge.
The power and mobility of the technology enables access from almost anywhere almost all the time.   Changes to society, work, learning and life are so rapid and profound our understanding of the impact of these changes struggles to keep pace.
This is a paper about learning in the increasingly mobile, digital age in which we live. The information and evidence offered touches on how learning and learning spaces are affected by, can adapt to, and will support mobility in the digital age. This iPaper is the second in a series. The digital, interactive format provides the reader a choice - to scan or dive deeply into a topic. It is intended to foster discussion about this important and rapidly changing subject.

1 Gladwell, M. 2000. The Tipping Point: How little things make a big difference. New York: Little Brown.